Wires ties don’t actually fix tunnel lights – Cahill pleads – T fares approved – New National Guard chief flie s planes, is awesome

LIGHTS OUT: This, my friends, has been like a master’s level lesson in timing: announce a big price tag and higher prices, distract everyone for four months then go ahead and raise prices anyway, THEN IMMEDIATELY announce another big price tag that needs fixing. Well played, sentient-intelligence-that-lives-inside-the-Big-Dig-debt-and-runs-MassDOT, well played.

CAN I GET A RIDE TO THE RALLY? The way things are going, the state may as well be begging for a perfect storm of city T riding protesters: Occupiers who hate fare hikes and ornery suburban SUV owners who are going to go ballistic on the WRKO call-in line when conversation turns to gas taxes again. When the Occupy kids AND their dads unite in a giant protest swarm, things could get ugly fast.

A LONER? NO, I OWN IT: I have it on good authority that the new interim head of the National Guard is a bad*** who drives tanks to work and flies f-18 strafing runs to and from Dunkies on the weekends.

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