Mitt’s picks lose out in GOP caucus – DC ‘Nerd Prom’: lots of dog jokes – NH Guv saves Mass. motorist

TURNOUT WAS LIGHT: State Republicans, Mitt Romney’s supposed home base, caucused this weekend. But there’s a twist! Several prominent GOPers lost out to Ron Paul supporters, meaning that though everyone has to vote for Romney, they could affect the party platform or convention beauty pageant or whatever it is they have planned for Tampa.

BO IS NERVOUS: President Obama made quite a few dog jokes at the the other night. I waited around for Mitt Romney’s GOP response but I guess MSNBC didn’t air it.

STILL HAD TO PAY TOLL: New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch, really butting into a neighbor’s business in a very un-New Englandy way, saved a Massachusetts motorist from a burning car. Hey buddy, save people on your own side of the border, alright? And pay our eight percent life-saving tax. Don’t worry, we’ll charge your EZ=Pass.

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