VP totally cool with gay marriage. White House? Not so much. – WaPost traumatizes readers with photos from MA Senate campaign – Kerry for State slot? – CORI system upgrade launches

BFD: Joe Biden woke up Sunday morning, put on his best wingtips and immediately proceeded to go on TV and step in it.

OFF TO THE RACES: Frightening photographs abound in the Post’s take on the early stages of the MA Senate race. The story is a good primer for anyone just now realizing there is a senate race in Massachusetts. The photo slideshow is kind of disturbing, with photos of both candidates and the state’s electorate that make you want to go back to ignoring that there’s a senate race in Massachusetts.

REPORTING FOR DUTY: Herald Columnist Kimberly Atkins says Sen. John Kerry is probably pseudo-running for Secretary of State if things go the Dem’s way in November. This is a surprise to approximately no one, but with Hillary Clinton set to vacate the office at the beginning of a potential second Obama term, it’s about time this came up.

DEPTH OF VIEW: The new CORI system goes into effect today, causing a bit a kerfuffle over the old debate and giving Globe writer Katie Johnston a great opportunity to show off the paper’s new rule about using the day of the week instead of the word “today.”

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