What the Legislature is doing: the CliffNotes – DeLeo pokes Zuckerberg – Ragey rage over Silver Line service- The most important dog in MApoli – What will Obama crib from Deval next?

SAUSAGES: So the Legislature did a lot yesterday. Here’s the short version: The House passed both the veteran-assisting Valor Act and a bill aimed at preventing foreclosures. The Senate Ways and Means committee released its version of the budget, which boosts spending on cities and towns and calls for a new State Police unit to investigate EBT abuse, which is different from the welfare abuse crackdown the House proposed. Now the full Senate has to pass its budget with whatever amendments it chooses to tack on, agree with the House on a compromise version and then ship that sucker off to the Governor for his signature. I’m not getting into vetoes and line items in the short version, I’ve already bored you enough.

DOTH PROTEST TOO MUCH: Remember yesterday’s Daily Boston Herald Ragey Rage story about the MBTA providing disgustingly convenient service to the Convention Center? Well the folks over at UHub don’t seem to be very accepting of the Herald’s crack bus-following investigation.

TOO CLOSE FOR MISSILES, I’M SWITCHING TO GUNS: Bob DeLeo wants Facebook to come back to Massachusetts in a bad way. You can support the Speaker’s attempt to woo back Mr. Zuckerberg by posting on DeLeo’s wall… wait, no you can’t, because it seems as though DeLeo doesn’t have any kind of official Facebook account aside from this pretty lame page. But look who does.

TOBY 2014: This is easily the most important political perspective offered in today’s local news media.

STICK TO DOT, BUDDY: From BoMag, ListMasster Emeritus Gin Dumcius goes all glossy on us and spends way too much time and effort analyzing what pieces of rhetoric President Obama will lift from Deval Patrick this election cycle.

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