SCOTUS ruling fallout near and far – Is it good or bad for Mitt? – Moving to Canada! – Tierney trashed by bro-in-law – Everything else you missed

SUPREMED: After the Supreme Court, lead by Chief Justice John Roberts joining the majority, upheld the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act yesterday, things went a little batty here in Massachusetts. Officials reacted. Supporters cheered. Detractors said it’s the best thing that could have happened to Mitt Romney.

PARTY TIME: Democrats didn’t miss an opportunity to use the ruling to thank the late legend of universal Healthcare, Ted Kennedy. Supporters praised the senator in Washington and celebrated in his name on Boston Common.

SIC SEMPER SOMETHING SOMETHING: Some hardcore Obamacare detractors are so fed up with the formerly Good Ol’ U.S. of A and this absurd hippie idea about “balance of powers” that they’re getting the hell out of here and heading to a country where health care freedom still means something: Canada.

GOOD DAY FOR IT: Congressman John Tierney’s brother-in-law absolutely trashed him yesterday after the former’s sentencing for an illegal gambling conviction. Daniel Eremian said Tierney, who’s in a tough race against challenger Richard Tisei, “knew everything” about the offshore casino scheme and shouldn’t have thrown his wife, Eremian’s sister, under the bus for political protection. Yikes. Howie’s all over it.

GRAB BAG:But don’t forget the bazillion other stories from yesterday:
Elizabeth Warren agreed to a radio debate on WTKK with Jim Braude and Margery Egan. That makes five debates scheduled so far, for those keeping track at home.
– The budget passed and the FY13 ball is in Gov. Patrick’s court.
– Auditor Bump is going to raise salaries for her army of state auditors in an attempt to professionalize her office.
– The Pilgrim power plant saga continues, with demonstrators coming to Beacon Hill to protest the ongoing lockout.

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Supreme Court ruling also seen as win for Mass.

Massachusetts officials weigh in on what ‘Obamacare’ ruling means for state – Taunton Daily Gazette

Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry calls for an end to "scare tactics" by opponents of health care reform

Massachusetts Dems: ‘Thank You, Teddy’ – Wall Street Journal

Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick applauds Supreme Court’s health care ruling

Massachusetts politicians who support health care law celebrate ruling – GazetteNET


President Obama, Mitt Romney offer divergent views of Supreme Court ruling

Through Mitt Romney’s prism, health care ruling is political victory for Barack Obama

GOP: John Roberts’ shift a major boon for Mitt Romney

Gov. Deval Patrick : Mitt Romney shift extraordinary

Gov. Patrick gives Romney backhanded compliment

‘Now he can rest in peace’ (Photo by AP)

Decision jolts Mass. Senate showdown

Brown, Warren split on court’s health care ruling

Democrat Elizabeth Warren says it’s not time to ‘refight the battles of 2 years ago’ on health care

Warren agrees to fifth debate, this time on radio

Warren’s money machine well tuned for congressional run


SCOTUS’ Decision Means Better Health Care for Mass… But Only If We Make the Right Decision at the Ballot Box This November

John Tierney must resign

Romney blasts SC: Healthcare Act ‘Worst Idea I Ever Had’

Massachusetts Congressional Candidates Sound off on the Obamacare Decision

Best health care commentary of the day

When will they learn?


Mass. lawmakers approve final state budget

Massachusetts auditor to raise salaries of key workers –

Union Protests Entergy Lockout at State House


Tierneys deny in-law claim he knew about gambling

Mass. gives $1.9M for tornado relief efforts

PVTA’s $1.9 million windfall averts fare hikes, service cuts


NH – NH lawmakers disagree on health care ruling

NH – Local reactions to the health care decision

ME – Maine Impact: For passionately divided state, court ruling has far-reaching implications that will be felt almost immediately

CT – State Can Now Move Forward With Its Own Health Reforms, Officials Say

VT – Retreat submits plan for Medicare fix

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Waiting on SCOTUS – Jay Carney’s F5 key threatened – Legislature takes up $32.5B budget today – No speaking ro le for Brown at convention – GOP hits Warren on OK house deals

YOU SKIP THE COFFEE, JAY: Do yourself a favor this morning: get to work, have a cup of coffee, look over the shiny new budget the Legislature’s taking up today and lay off the SCOTUSblog servers for a little while. It’s not like you’re going to somehow miss the news of the decision, and Jay Carney needs all the server bandwidth for his constant refreshing.

LET SCOTTY SPEAK: U.S. Sen. Scott Brown won’t have a speaking role at this year’s GOP national convention in Tampa. As much of a shame as it’ll be not to see Scotto up there at the big dance, it makes sense that he won’t be included on the already jam-packed speaker schedule for Mittapolooza 2012. Here is my speculative speaker rundown for the last night of the convention, which I’m confident will prove pretty accurate: Craig (2:30pm-5:00), Ben (5:00pm – 5:05), Josh (5:05pm – 5:10), Matt (5:10pm-5:20), Tagg (5:20pm 5:35), Ron Paul (5:35pm-8:50), Anne (8:50pm-9), Mitt (9pm-9:45). Everyone’s in bed by 10:30 and Brown can host an after-party once Mitt’s not looking. Everybody wins.

WHERE THE MUD COMES FLINGIN’ DOWN THE PLAINS: The national party might not be showing Brown the love, but the state GOP certainly has his back and is going after challenger Elizabeth Warren for her supposed Oklahoma house flipping deals. Even though “Oklahoma House Flipping with Prof. Warren” sounds like a failed HGTV reality show, the MassGOP went ahead and made videos anyway.

FOREVER YOUNG: Hey Gen Xers, I know you have a nagging anxiety about the day you hear one of your favorite songs from high school on an oldies station. Don’t worry though, because pretty soon there won’t be anything left on the radio except the same six nauseating “top 40” songs repeated forever. That, and maybe Howie Carr’s show will still be on so people can complain about there being no oldies station anymore.

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MBTA realizes an untapped revenue stream (Photo:


Mitt Romney campaigns in Virginia as new poll shows him with a small lead


State’s health law to stay secure

Mass. House backs teacher evaluation bill –

Mass. board OKs tax breaks for TJX, other firms

Mass. lawmakers approve MBTA bailout, roads bill

State House rally calls for children’s services reform

Utility workers to rally at Mass. State House

Gender imbalance

Mass. lawmakers release final $32.5B state budget

MBTA may sell station names


US Sen. Brown, Warren joust on student loan deal

Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren debate across media spectrums, political universes

Scott Brown will attend Republican National Convention, but with no speaking role

Massachusetts GOP again takes aim at Elizabeth Warren over real estate transactions


Health Care Flip-Flops

Get ready for Thursday’s Supreme Court media frenzy

Travels with Charley: Murphy goes to Worcester to testify

There he goes again


ME – Congressman plans role in Maine marriage vote

ME – Leaders must act to keep lower student loan rate

CT – State Board Of Education Approves Guidelines For Teacher Evaluations

CT – State Officials Brace For Key Court Ruling Thursday On Health Care

VT – Groups seek Taser moratorium in Vermont; Shumlin not in favor

NH – Voter ID, tax credit bills to become law


Thomas named to head UMass board of trustees

Judge hears challenge to Springfield foreclosures

Lawyer denies abuse allegations against Mihos

UMass stem cell lab to close

Meeting seeks to tailor governor’s economic plan to region

Non-profit pushes for plastic bag ban

PVTA won’t increase fares

Mountains of health care costs threaten South Shore cities and towns

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LG gets Squaded on Guv’s book – MBTA plan to sell station names – Adorable bear captured again – Call for S.C. Rail in Taunton casino plan

BIG FAN: Lt. Gov. Murray got Squaded big time yesterday. Herald scribes with cameras and microphones strike again, finding out that Tim Murray hasn’t read Gov. Deval Patrick’s book.

COULD MAUL ANYONE IN A DEBATE: After all the speculation over who will run for Governor in 2014, a clear leader finally comes to the head of the pack. He’s familiar with the whole state, having visited the Boston suburbs, southeastern Mass., Central Mass. and the Cape. A populist, he’s fought for his rights against burdensome government regulations. And he’s photogenic, even when tranquilized. That’s right: Bear ‘14!

MONEY TRAIN: Some southeastern Mass. officials want the South Coast Rail project included in a potential Taunton Casino development.

AND NOW A WORD FROM OUR SPONSORS: The MBTA is moving forward with a plan to sell the naming rights to T stops. Letting companies like JetBlue or colleges like Emerson name their local stop could bring in almost $150 million for the struggling T.

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Top Mitt Romney caimpaign donors rewarded at retreat in Utah

Romney prepares for court’s decision on health care law

Was President Obama booed in Boston, or was he ‘Yooouk’ed?


Poll: Sen. Scott Brown gaining ground on Elizabeth Warren to current dead heat

Massachusetts Democrats slam Scott Brown over ‘kings and queens’ gaffe with new video

Sen. Scott Brown addresses dropping net worth of U.S. families in new radio ad

Liberal advocacy group makes Massachusetts robo-calls urging Sen. Scott Brown to freeze student loan interest rates

Scott Brown’s Blunders (AP Photo/Stephan Savoia)

Yer’ out! Bernstein tags Romney

Video Flashback: House Dean Scaccia praises convicted former speakers to open current session

New poll: MA-Sen still a tie


Companies lined up for tax breaks

Mass. officials OK health insurance rebates

Patrick administration: Health-care costs still out of control

Deval Patrick’s book not required reading for Bay State pols

Cell phone driving ban on hold in Mass.

Gov. Deval Patrick to launch Innovation School Network

House OKs $1.56B bill for road repairs

Massachusetts military bases pump $14 billion into economy annually, UMass report says

Massachusetts Democrats add staff in advance of November elections


Local leaders press governor to include South Coast rail in casino

Residents’ concerns spur meeting with gaming panel

Casinos forum planned for Western Massachusetts

Holyoke Council approves $43,000 salary for new position of creative economy coordinator

Mayor, council clash on budget in Lawrence

Worcester City Council looks for ways to curb panhandling

Boston Residents Frustrated By Sidewalk Planters

Officials: Black bear caught in Brookline is the same one from Cape


ME – Maine secretary of state to keep job, campaign

NH – Election officers support voting vetoes

VT – Court denies Vermont’s request for NRC review of VY license

VT – Bowing to rules, Cabot Creamery Cooperative drops ‘Vermont’ from logo

RI – RI hires firm to probe 38 Studios liability

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Obama drops buy for funders, City pays visit costs – Tax breaks for job creators – Price scanners one step closer to the singularity

NOT THE PREMIUM HOPE, THIS IS A RECESSION: Your Best Friend Barack Obama blew through town last night for some fund raisers and some speechifying. He talked about breaking the stalemate in Washington, and how Mitt Romney might outsource your family. Some budget-watchers aren’t pleased with how much money the city and state paid to provide the security for the President (up to $200,000). But what about the arugula ($.90/bunch) and Liquid Hope ($17.54/gal and climbing)?

BEEP!: Yeah, so I have no idea how much arugula costs. Thanks for nothing, price tags.

JERBS, JERBS, JERBS: Who says there are no tax breaks in Massachusetts? You just need to be a huge company and pinky-swear that you’ll generate jobs.

NOT ME: I haven’t been to that pond is years, so don’t even start.

LASTLY: There are so many animals loose in the suburbs right now, I can’t even begin to link to them. Wicked Local should just start an all-animal blog.

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Romney, Obama both tap Mass. for campaign cash

President Obama blasts Mitt Romney on jobs in swing state N.H.

Elizabeth Warren blasts Mitt Romney as she introduces President Obama in Boston

Mitt and the junk bond king


Elizabeth Warren rejects radio debate, seeks to force Scott Brown into more TV debates

Obama sings high praises for Warren in Massachusetts – CNN (blog)

Brown, Warren weigh in on immigration law ruling

Scott Brown echoes Mitt Romney on illegal aliens

Obama in Boston: Money talk$, so most gawk (Photo by AP)

Republican Scott Brown’s Entire Campaign Distilled to a Single Sentence

Whitey’s deal

Is Equal Pay for Equal Work a “Burden”? Scott Brown Thinks So.

Patrick Administration says foreign junket non-profit not used to pay for March 2011 Israeli trip


Patrick seeks interim Mass. spending plan

Defense cuts due to hit Mass. hard –

State focus is on skills needed for today’s jobs –

Lt. Gov. Murray to unveil report on military bases

Gov. Deval Patrick praises Supreme Court’s rejection of life sentences for teens

In Mass. grocery stores, price tags could give way to scanners

Mass. advocates cast wary eye to Thursday vote on health care

Legislature Attempting to Curb ‘Foreclosure Crisis’ Through Mediation


Obama Talks Baseball, Politics In Boston

Bulger Says He Has Immunity; Trial Date Pushed To 2013

Mass. lawmakers come to defense of cranberry

Gambling addicts warn state gaming panel about predatory casinos

Lot of cursing, no arrests at ‘swear-in’ in Middleboro

Budget contains clothing allowance for City Hall workers


ME – Arizona-like law appears to be disfavored in Maine

NH – Rain outside New Hampshire Obama event, cheers inside

VT – Feds, Vermont announce creation of health co-op

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Yes, Obama is coming to MA. No, MA is still not important – Kerry and Brown fir for cranberries – Cable news producers turn out to be very similar to White House staffers

Bipartisanship lives on in the fight to keep cranberries in schools. The little red sugarbombs are difficult to get away with in a calorie-conscious school environment, but Sens. John Kerry and Scott Brown are fighting the good fight for one of Massachusetts’ top crops.

The Herald’s Kimberly Atkins explains that yes, the President is coming here today to fundraise and yes many of our local politicians are very much involved in both campaigns, but no, Massachusetts, you’re still not important to presidential politics.

AND WHERE’S BUSFIELD?: Did anyone else spend the hour of 10 to 11 p.m. expecting Martin Sheen to come on and address the BP Oil disaster? This show might take some getting used to.

REAL LIFE ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT PLOT: Out-of-control banana truck hits gas line, destroys 18th century tavern.

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Mitt Romney donors get access for the weekend –

Hundreds of top fundraisers, donors spend weekend with Mitt Romney in Utah – Politics – The Boston Globe

Mum really is the word on Obama health care ruling – Worcester Telegram & Gazette –

Massachusetts health care reform enters new phase – Worcester Telegram & Gazette –


Obama in Mass. today for fundraisers – Worcester Telegram & Gazette –

1 in 4 voters found uncommitted in presidential race – Nation – The Boston Globe

Massachusetts, you probably think this race is about you, don’t you? –


Area teachers unions split over seniority legislation » Merrimack Valley », North Andover, MA


City, towns join smoking rules trend » Haverhill », North Andover, MA

For Worcester State, name change costly – Worcester Telegram & Gazette –

New Chelsea Housing Authority director sues agency, claiming he’s being harassed to accept a pay cut – Metro – The Boston Globe

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Dems keep quiet about DiMasi – Kerry and the Duke try to keep Mitt in the Failed MA Candidate club – Lowell Senate debate set, Warren raises big dollars

THE PRISONER: Not surprisingly, Democrats on Beacon HIll are keeping their mouths shut when it comes to Sal DiMasi, his health problems notwithstanding. The Herald even asks Gov. Patrick if he’d lobby President Obama for Sal’s early release. Disappointingly, the Guv missed a huge opportunity here to join Harry Reid on the Bryce Harper “clown question” bandwagon.

DON’T GO, MITT: John Kerry and Michael Dukakis try to force Mitt Romney to stay in the “Failed Massachusetts Presidential Candidates Club.” As chairs of the influential “America liked George Bush better than us” Committee, Kerry and Dukakis could be a huge factor in this race. (If Mitt leaves the club, it’ll just be the two of them and Jill Stein. That’s not nearly enough regular dues money to pay for the bi-annual road trip touring the swing states they lost in.)

A VERY FAMOUS WINDOW: Some photo-love for the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s signature drop-off window in MacCormack.

THE PEOPLE’S CHAMPION: September 27 – Scott Brown – Elizabeth Warren – Tsongas Arena: No holds barred UMass Lowell/Herald debate with special guest referee David Gregory.

McDUCK-LIKE: Elizabeth Warren has raised more cash than anyone else running for Congress, thanks to big Democratic donors all over the country.

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Anti-Mormon bias facing Mitt Romney is as strong as what his father faced in 1967, poll shows

Romney vows to ease some immigration rules

Massachusetts lawmaker criticizes Romney’s term as governor


Kings, queens remark puts Brown in a bind

Sen. Brown offers reason for Kennedy debate snub

Brown, Warren agree to fourth televised debate

Driven by deep devotion, funds flow to Warren

Democrats mum on Sal DiMasi’s plight (Photo by Mark Garfinkel)

Elizabeth Warren’s press secretary have something to hide?

Romney’s Lies, Part I: Lies About his Biography

Sal, The Globe , The Feds, The Senate President, The Speaker, Mike Moran

Keller @ Large: Why Can’t Boston Open Public Pools For Heat Wave?

RMG investigation leads to Patrick Administration late filing IRS paperwork for junket non-profit

Of royalty and roots


Mass. Senate approves compromise bill placing performance over seniority

Redistricting maps almost complete

Patrick Administration calls for greater oversight of public housing

Gov. Patrick hears MBTA rate-hike complaint while visiting Stonehill

Casino hopefuls clash in Massachusetts sweepstakes

Mass. launches review of insurers’ executive pay

Mass. casino panel to take over racing commission


Tierney, Tisei spar on Holder vote

Multimillion-dollar movie studio development to begin on Tuesday

Holyoke Mayor Morse outlines his vision

Springfield launches ‘open checkbook’ on website to reveal spending

Downtown Springfield casino could revitalize city with jobs, tourism

Some towns try to loosen reins on food producers

Norton schools ban bake sales

Pembroke legislator in legal hot water again


CT – FCC Won’t Investigate Complaint Involving Rowland

VT – Vermont restores money for anti-harassment program

ME – More hearings for Maine Turnpike toll proposals

NH – Gubernatorial forum focuses on state’s youth

RI – Gov. Chafee names new health exchange director

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Scott Brown on his secret royal meetings – Exclusive video: awkwardly dancing legislative staffers – Twitter outage drives journo around the bend

NOT TOO HOT TO DANCE: for awkwardly dancing legislative staffers.

THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Scott Brown apparently has “secret meetings” and sits down with “kings and queens and prime ministers,” all the time, and he’s busy being a Senator, so stop asking him to introduce more substance into the race, alright? Which kings and queens has Scotto been hanging out with? B.B. King was in D.C. a few months ago at the White House, maybe they had a secret meeting they didn’t want Mick Jagger finding out about. Brown’s also been known to listen to classic heavy metal – perhaps he had high-level meetings with the Kingdom of Metal’s sovereign ruler King Diamond.

OVER CAPACITY AND UNDER-MENTIONED: Twitter has been down all afternoon. Has anyone thought to check in on hashtag maniac David Bernstein to see if he’s okay? Well, ,- caring person that I am – did think of it and can confirm that Bernstein (who just yesterday authored this sober and thoughtful piece on future Gov. Capuano) is now just blurting out Zen koan-style riddles in the third person: “If Bernstein responds about Twitter being down when Twitter is down, does he make a sound?” says the clearly disturbed social media addict. You’re in our thoughts, Dave.