Tornado anniversary – Axelrod visit mobilizes local Dems and Romney backers – Cherokees plan Warren protest at Dem con.

TORNADOES: It’s been one year since tornadoes ravaged Western Mass. and the anniversary has local leaders evaluating the region’s recovery. The area’s citizenry are looking back on the storms as well, offering their own takes on how to bounce back from disaster. The Herald profiles the creators of a website that tracked residents’ needs in the tornadoes’ aftermath.

BIG LEAGUES: If any of you had looked at the front steps of the State House yesterday around noon, you would have seen a couple of things: chanty, sign-holding Romney supporters; Romney-dissing elected Democrats; bubbles; lots of TV cameras; some folks from Buzzfeed (!) and David Axelrod’s mustache. These ingredients created a swirling mess of a rally/counter-rally that showed at least two things: the Romney folks have their stuff together in the state and local Dems are willing to step up to the plate for the Big O.

THE BIG POW-WOW: Thought Marisa DeFranco was going to be Elizabeth Warren’s biggest headache tomorrow at the Democratic state convention? Think again: a group of Cherokees is planning to protest the confab and bring further attention to an issue some folks are still really into and that at least one prominent official doesn’t care about.

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