Afternoon: Suffolk casino plans – Chill Lax Bros are everywehre – Al-Qaida No. 2 droned

TRACK STARS: Suffolk Downs debuted their plans for a resort casino at a packed press conference this morning. The curved eight-story glass building would be built next to the track and offer gamblers and/or resort destination-ers short hops to the airport and downtown.

BROS BEFORE GLOBES: After the Globe blew the lid off the seething underculture known as “Lax bros,” snickering sports blog Deadspin tears the story apart in hilarious fashion.

No. DEAD: Al-Qaida No. 2 (the 248th No. 2, I think) got Droned.


A Tale of Two Bubbas – SJC judge hears med. marijuana question – Who’s a “socialist”?

SOCIALIST MEDIA STRATEGY: After critics slapped the classic label on President Obama for his new “forward” slogan, The AP takes a good hard look at the word “socialist” as used in political campaigns.

SMOKE ‘EM IF YOU’VE BEEN PROPERLY PRESCRIBED ‘EM: Supreme Judicial Court Justice Robert Cordy is trying to determine if the wording of the medical marijuana ballot question is quite up to snuff. At a hearing on the issue yesterday, the justice seemed open to some alterations to the language before the question goes before voters in November.

DAYS OF FUTURE PAST: Interview clips of 2007 Bill Clinton, who if you’ll remember wasn’t super jazzed about Illinois’ junior senator running for president back then, are coming back to haunt the former prez as he and Obama hit New York for some fund raisers. But 2012 Bill isn’t going to let the Romney campaign put words (back) into his mouth, so he’s firing away about how “calamitous” a Romney presidency would be.

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Sen. Scott Brown to vote against Paycheck Fairness Act in Senate, aide says

Brown, Warren begin the debate over debates

Liz, Scott debates may rival presidential tilts

Patrick: Endorsement not key to Warren sweep – AP


Fair game

Most local House, Senate races hinge on primary

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‘Horrible lack of competition’ in races for State House


State plans more scrutiny for local housing authorities

Opponents seek changes to ballot question that could legalize medical marijuana in Massachusetts

Mass. issues first ever breakdown of tax credits – AP

Patrick urges Mass. lawmakers to OK transit fix – AP

Late ‘Tip’ O’Neill honored with Ford Medal – AP


Springfield police officer Kevin Ambrose, shot to death by Shawn Bryan, lauded as hero who died in service to city

Democrat Bill Shein files signatures in race with Richard Neal, Andrea Nuciforo for 1st Congressional District seat

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Boston track to unveil casino plans – AP

Results of Barre audit turned over to DA


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ME – Election 2012: Six Democrats vie for York County, Greater Portland Senate seats

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