Teachers reach compromise over seniority – Bath salts ban – I, Cape Cod Bear – GOP candidates to square off in Lowell district

A compromise has been reached between the state’s teachers and a group looking to put a teacher evaluation question on the November ballot. The advocacy group will back off the ballot initiative in exchange for the teachers giving up keys seniority rights.

This Cape Cod Bear story is changing the lives of Banstable County residents so profoundly, they’ve turned to first-person memoirs of their encounters with it.

The House passed a ban on “bath salts,” those soothing and fragrant crystals that help you unwind after a long day. Oh, no, I’m sorry – I’ve been mistaken, these are the bath salts that might make you go crazy and eat faces. The bill is before the Senate now, so until it’s law watch out for your face, man.

Here’s another GOP head-to-head worth checking out: the race between Jon Golnick and Tom Weaver over who will face Niki Tsongas in the fall.

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