Gail Huff back on the air for hubby Brown – Walker disputes Romney on Wis. – Busing for homeless students could shift to state

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, survivor of the badger state’s recent recall election, isn’t completely on board with Mitt Romney’s view that the Wisconsin win is a rejection of President Obama’s policies of government spending on firemen, policemen and teachers. Walker says his reelection shows people want someone to take on the tough issues of public sector reform in order to save those public jobs.

Gail Huff, of former Channel 5 and current senatorial matrimony fame, is starring in what sound like two “awwwww-”inducing campaigns ads about how great a guy her husband, U.S. Sen. Scott Brown, is.

City and towns could see a break in busing costs for homeless students if a provision in the House budget becomes law. The federally mandated transportation services, which racks up a $11.3 million cost each year, would be shifted to the state.

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