Senate-Feld: the Election About Nothing – Obama to hold Symphony Hall funder – Parking spaces to mini-parks – Tierney/Tisei gets uglier by the day

SENATE-FELD: THE ELECTION ABOUT NOTHING: Critics are being, well, critical about this policy-less Senate race. Now the argument seems to be over what is and is not “enemy territory.” Which I guess is good since a debate between these two would probably just be about sports, dogs, how hard it was to grow up, Indians and Kennedys. (That Globe story also has a great photo for any Dorchester-politician-watchers.)

I SHOVELED THIS PARK: If the City of Boston’s pilot program to turn select parking spaces into miniature parks comes to certain neighborhoods, you’re likely to see space-saving road-cones, lawn furniture, grills or just whole cars parked on top of these little decks if there’s ever unseasonable snow.

NORTH SHORE WAR: Tierney/Tisei keeps getting nastier.

MR. OBAMA’S OPUS: Barack Obama is coming to Symphony Hall for a fund raiser. Let’s hope the Herald printers (or the Globe printers now, I guess) have extra plates for all the letters in “posh,” “swank” and “hoity-toity” because I have a feeling these words are going to be used 4000 percent more often in the week surrounding the president’s June 25 visit.

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