Afternoon Edition: BIO begins – Brown names conditions for debate – Kerry to play Mitt in debate prep

The BIO convention kicked off today, with 16,000 life science workers, officials and interested parties gathering in Boston to show off the high-tech industry.

CONDITIONER: Scott Brown has accepted the Kennedy Institute debate ON TWO VERY IMPORTANT CONDITIONS: One (1): Vicki Kennedy can’t endorse anyone in the race, even if she really, really wants to get behind Scott later. And Two (2) it’s got to be sponsored by real media, preferably local media, and not, you know, MSNBC. But Brokaw is totes in, don’t worry.

Even more debate news now: John Kerry, the tallest, richest Democrat the White House could find, is set to play the coveted role of “Willard M. Romney” in the rehearsals for the 2012 production of “The Presidential Debates.” Kerry of course has experience with big league debates as well as a passing familiarity with Gov. Mitt Romney’s policies and record. Please someone leak the video of these rehearsals.

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