Scott Brown on his secret royal meetings – Exclusive video: awkwardly dancing legislative staffers – Twitter outage drives journo around the bend

NOT TOO HOT TO DANCE: for awkwardly dancing legislative staffers.

THE ROYAL TREATMENT: Scott Brown apparently has “secret meetings” and sits down with “kings and queens and prime ministers,” all the time, and he’s busy being a Senator, so stop asking him to introduce more substance into the race, alright? Which kings and queens has Scotto been hanging out with? B.B. King was in D.C. a few months ago at the White House, maybe they had a secret meeting they didn’t want Mick Jagger finding out about. Brown’s also been known to listen to classic heavy metal – perhaps he had high-level meetings with the Kingdom of Metal’s sovereign ruler King Diamond.

OVER CAPACITY AND UNDER-MENTIONED: Twitter has been down all afternoon. Has anyone thought to check in on hashtag maniac David Bernstein to see if he’s okay? Well, ,- caring person that I am – did think of it and can confirm that Bernstein (who just yesterday authored this sober and thoughtful piece on future Gov. Capuano) is now just blurting out Zen koan-style riddles in the third person: “If Bernstein responds about Twitter being down when Twitter is down, does he make a sound?” says the clearly disturbed social media addict. You’re in our thoughts, Dave.

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