Obama drops buy for funders, City pays visit costs – Tax breaks for job creators – Price scanners one step closer to the singularity

NOT THE PREMIUM HOPE, THIS IS A RECESSION: Your Best Friend Barack Obama blew through town last night for some fund raisers and some speechifying. He talked about breaking the stalemate in Washington, and how Mitt Romney might outsource your family. Some budget-watchers aren’t pleased with how much money the city and state paid to provide the security for the President (up to $200,000). But what about the arugula ($.90/bunch) and Liquid Hope ($17.54/gal and climbing)?

BEEP!: Yeah, so I have no idea how much arugula costs. Thanks for nothing, price tags.

JERBS, JERBS, JERBS: Who says there are no tax breaks in Massachusetts? You just need to be a huge company and pinky-swear that you’ll generate jobs.

NOT ME: I haven’t been to that pond is years, so don’t even start.

LASTLY: There are so many animals loose in the suburbs right now, I can’t even begin to link to them. Wicked Local should just start an all-animal blog.

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Headlines by Julie Varney

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