Waiting on SCOTUS – Jay Carney’s F5 key threatened – Legislature takes up $32.5B budget today – No speaking ro le for Brown at convention – GOP hits Warren on OK house deals

YOU SKIP THE COFFEE, JAY: Do yourself a favor this morning: get to work, have a cup of coffee, look over the shiny new budget the Legislature’s taking up today and lay off the SCOTUSblog servers for a little while. It’s not like you’re going to somehow miss the news of the decision, and Jay Carney needs all the server bandwidth for his constant refreshing.

LET SCOTTY SPEAK: U.S. Sen. Scott Brown won’t have a speaking role at this year’s GOP national convention in Tampa. As much of a shame as it’ll be not to see Scotto up there at the big dance, it makes sense that he won’t be included on the already jam-packed speaker schedule for Mittapolooza 2012. Here is my speculative speaker rundown for the last night of the convention, which I’m confident will prove pretty accurate: Craig (2:30pm-5:00), Ben (5:00pm – 5:05), Josh (5:05pm – 5:10), Matt (5:10pm-5:20), Tagg (5:20pm 5:35), Ron Paul (5:35pm-8:50), Anne (8:50pm-9), Mitt (9pm-9:45). Everyone’s in bed by 10:30 and Brown can host an after-party once Mitt’s not looking. Everybody wins.

WHERE THE MUD COMES FLINGIN’ DOWN THE PLAINS: The national party might not be showing Brown the love, but the state GOP certainly has his back and is going after challenger Elizabeth Warren for her supposed Oklahoma house flipping deals. Even though “Oklahoma House Flipping with Prof. Warren” sounds like a failed HGTV reality show, the MassGOP went ahead and made videos anyway.

FOREVER YOUNG: Hey Gen Xers, I know you have a nagging anxiety about the day you hear one of your favorite songs from high school on an oldies station. Don’t worry though, because pretty soon there won’t be anything left on the radio except the same six nauseating “top 40” songs repeated forever. That, and maybe Howie Carr’s show will still be on so people can complain about there being no oldies station anymore.

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