Rep. Henriquez arrested – Guv signs budget, vetoes EBT, registry and Taunton hospital language – Barney Frank gets married – Dems oppose Salem power plant bill

ARREST: Dorchester Rep Carlos Henriquez, seen as a young lawmaker with potential by many on Beacon Hill, was arrested early Sunday near Northeastern University on domestic assault charges stemming from an altercation with a young woman he’s believed to have been dating.

BUDGET: Gov. Patrick, utilizing a little-known provision in the state constitution that allows him to hold press conferences on Sunday afternoons when it’s really, really nice out, signed a $32.5 billion budget yesterday. Patrick returned the spending plan to the legislature with a few important amendments: a rejection of lawmakers’ EBT reform plan, in favor of a study on a store-based instead of item-based ban on things like firearms and pornography; a provision requiring proof of legal residence when registering a car; and closing Taunton State Hospital.

THE NORTH SHORE IS STILL THE MOST INTERESTING ‘12 REGION: Some of the Democrats running to succeed Sen. Fred Berry aren’t huge fans of Rep. Keenan’s Salem power plant-specific energy bill language.

WEDDING BELLS: U.S. Rep. Barney Frank got hitched to boyfriend Jim Ready over the weekend, becoming the first and only sitting congressman to be part of a same-sex marriage. The Governor even took a break from day 9 of studying the budget to officiate the ceremony.

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