Lawmakers tee up budget overrides – Henriquez claims innocence – Warren haul foreshadows ad season – Prison-run drug ring busted by natural po-lice

OPERATION OVERRIDE: Speaker DeLeo and other House members are preparing to take up the welfare benefit debate again after Gov. Deval Patrick rewrote lawmakers’ reform plan when he sent the budget back to the Legislature earlier this week. Also on tap: a potential Taunton Hospital override and pay for human services workers.

COURT: Rep. Carlos Henriquez, arrested early Sunday on domestic assault and kidnapping charges, plead not guilty yesterday and issued a statement claiming innocence.

MIDDLE CLASS, MIDDLE CLASS, TRUCK, TRUCK, TRUCK: Thanks to Elizabeth Warren’s monster fund raising haul, you’re likely to see a lot, and I mean a lot, of Senate campaign ads this season.

INELASTIC PRODUCT: Boston’s own Avon Barksdale gets caught running a huge drug ring from jail and is presumably about to sent way down in the hole. No word yet if an awesomely business-savvy, but (spoilers!) ultimately doomed, partner who hates 40 degree days was involved.

CHEATERS WIN: And I know I’ve said this before, but what do you kids think about another trivia party, but with more opportunity for cheating and a not insignificant amount of MassterList self promotion? Talk to me on the twitter.

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