Gaming Commission looks to Wall St. for Eastern casino bids – Lowell reps ready for budget overrides – Campfire bans on the cape – Bear sighting in Sharon

I LOVED YOU IN WALL STREET: Unlike in Western Mass., where every casino company and their brother is planning a huge resort, Eastern Mass. doesn’t have that much competition for its casino licenses. So the Gaming Commission may look to Wall Street to bring in the big buck investors they hope will want to compete with Suffolk Downs’ and the others’ bids to build casinos closer to Boston.

WELCOME BACK?: I don’t want to get my hopes up too much, but could this be our old friend and future governor, The Most Awesome Bear in Massachusetts, campaigning in Sharon?

BUDGET: With budget overrides and amendment debate potentially coming from the House today, the Sun looks at some local priorities.

AREN’T MARSHMALLOWS ALREADY ILLEGAL?: Uh oh. Everybody get ready for a little Ragey Rage: New regs to protect piping plover nesting grounds could mean bans against campfires, toasting marshmallows, fun and ‘Merica and stuff.

HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT: Worcester could soon wake up to the Day the Metal died. There’s got to be some kind of ancient scroll that curses anyone who dares tear down the Palladium to be haunted by Ronnie James Dio’s majestic ghost. (Actually, being haunted by Dio would be awesome. These guys will be damned to eternal juggalo gatherings or something.)

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