Crime bill back to the Legislature – N.E. gun laws all kinds of a mess – Mitt in Israel – Cahill in court – JK3 needs to go to Staples

CALL IT WHAT IT IS: All eyes (okay, only a few eyes) are on the Legislature this morning, two days after Gov. Deval Patrick sent crime and sentencing reform legislation back to them with additional language adding judicial discretion to the bill. Since using the word “veto” for situations like this drives me up a wall, I’m coining the term “amendoed” as a compromise solution.

VERMONT? REALLY?: Today’s Globe story on New England’s collective gun control laws gives us a harsh lesson on federalism and the second amendment.

MITT ABROAD: After a little man-on-the-street action in Jerusalem, Matt Viser finds out that few in Israel know much about visiting presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

COURT: Former Treasurer Tim Cahill is back in court today for a preliminary hearing before the scheduled start of his trial in September.

TOTALLY WORTH IT: Someone needs to get Joe Kennedy an Amazon Prime membership.

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Romney’s Jerusalem fundraiser called ‘a love fest’

Romney’s Israel trip a chance to shine

Romney backs Israel’s right to defend itself against Iran threat

Democrats say Mitt Romney ‘fumbles around on pretty easy issues’ while abroad

Mitt Romney says he is ‘clear in the purpose that America represents’

Dick Cheney to Mitt Romney: Avoid the ‘mistake’ of picking someone like Sarah Palin


As Massachusetts state Senator, Scott Brown reached across party lines

Senate rivals divided on guns

Bloomberg to host Brown fund-raiser

Romney declares Jerusalem capital of Jewish state (Photo: AP)

Senator Brown cites praise from website questioning President’s religion.

Deval Plays Crime Bill Like a Champ

More reaction to Governor Patrick’s stunning move on violent offender bill

Mitt’s excellent adventure

In Defense of Mayor Menino


Mass. Gov. Deval Patrick signs welfare purchase ban

Gov. Deval Patrick signs Christian’s Bill

Gov. Deval Patrick sends back crime bill with amendment to allow parole

Police union blasts Patrick on crime bill

Lawmakers facing down a deadline

Critics push lawmakers: Stand up to Patrick!

Dad pushes lawmakers to pass Melissa’s Bill

Former state Treasurer Timothy Cahill due in court on allegations he used state lottery money for gubernatorial campaign

Gov. Deval Patrick approves more money, overhaul for Community Preservation

Massachusetts lawmakers will reexamine MassWildlife Natural Heritage


Patrick to sign tribal casino compact

Bay State casino plans losing their luster after ‘clumsy’ gaffes

Casino deal fuels retail fears

Melissa’s Bill has local support

Lantigua expected back at Lawrence City Hall today

Early hires lawyer for campaign rules

Paul’s backers fight ouster

More protests to greet NE governors’ conference

Mass. borders are no barrier to guns sold nearby


ME – Election 2012: 100 days to go; stakes are high

CT – Donovan Scandal Shows Ties Between Taxpayer-Funded Offices And Campaigns

NH – TV ad buys show total saturation

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