Formals end with rush to pass major bills – Patrick will sign crime bill – 54th Regiment monument vandalized

RED ZONE: The Legislature’s formal sessions came to an end last night, and boy, can those lawmakers get cooking when the clock’s ticking. The House and Senate passed major legislation on health care cost control, automobile repair, storm response, job creation, children’s health and more.

BALANCING ACT: Gov. Deval Patrick decided yesterday to sign the controversial “3-strikes”/Melissa’s/habitual offender/Bill of Many Names bill, but most, if not all, parties agreed more work on criminal justice would have to be tackled next year.

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VANDALS: While all that lawmaking was going on and the State House was distracted by how Great and General it is, someone got all Nicholson Joker and vandalized the famous monument to the 54th Regiment across the street.

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