Romney response to cancer ad: Should have moved to insured MA – Everyone agrees Voting Rights lawsuit stinks, but for different reasons – Beacon Hill GOP gets an attaboy – Neal dodges debates

THE 98 PERCENT:Though the title of “most flagrant PAC ad” will most likely change hands several times before election day, the current champion has got to be the pro-Obama “Mitt Romney made my wife die of cancer” ad. The Romney campaign’s response? If she had lived in a state with universal healthcare, she’d be alive today and would probably tell us all how ObamaCare is socialist. (OK, not that last part.)

IT STINKS!: The Phoenix’s David Bernstein sniffs and sniffs and sniffs all around the stinky issue of this National Voting Rights Act lawsuit, the Patrick administration’s response of mailing voter registration information to welfare recipients and how it all fits into the senate race. Rep. Winslow wants to know where the press coverage of the initial lawsuit is. Unfortunately, MassterList had to layoff its expansive federal courthouse bureau during the ‘08 downturn and was unable to cover the suit.

THE INSIDERS: Prof. Cunningham gives credit where credit is due for legislative Republicans this session.

THE FIRST: Richard Neal’s Democratic opponents are calling horsefeathers on the incumbent’s acceptance of only two of six proposed debates.

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In search of veep clues at Mitt Romney’s HQ

Mitt Romney campaign says President Obama opposed work requirement in 1996 welfare reform law

Mitt Romney campaign protests ad by allies of President Obama that focuses on woman’s death


Elizabeth Warren’s daughter chairs group that filed welfare vote suit

Elizabeth Warren: Nothing fishy about my kid’s role in EBT campaign

Brown: Welfare voter enrollment effort aids Warren

Elizabeth Warren takes aim at Republican-supported oil subsidies, talks of student loan debt in new TV ad

Gonsalves: Thank you, Sen. Brown

Massachusetts construction unions throw support behind Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Rebuild Now’ infrastructure investment plan (Photo: Robert Rizzuto/The Republican)

Mitt2012: there’s an app for that

Deval Rigs Vote For… GOP?

Mailing out voter registration cards


Elizabeth Warren needs to sever her ties to convicted inside traders


Governor’s Council hopefuls square off

Patrick announces "Innovation" school funding

Members of Massachusetts Gaming Commission leave Springfield with … –


Rep. Richard Neal’s refusal to participate in 4 of 6 proposed debates draws ire of challengers

Sun exclusive

New state law could maul Lowell’s pit-bull ordinance


RI – RI commission to look at voting changes

ME – Lobster dispute nears boiling point

CT – Back From Prison, Ernie Newton Is Running For His Former Senate Seat

NH – Lynch nominates municipal lawyer as consumer advocate

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