Brown sets up tax speech, responds to Ryan pick – Dems hope to link Romney/Ryan/Brown – Nuciforo removes controversial op positions from site – Binienda back on his feet – OMG Taylor Swift, you guys

GOT A LICENSE FOR THOSE?: Sun’s out, guns out for Sen. Scott Brown, even while playing basketball indoors and talking to reporters about new VP hopeful Paul Ryan (who has been known to flash some Wisconsin steel himself.) The Democrats are certainly making an effort to make the two seem similar, but Brown himself is set to deliver a new tax policy address about his own views of the importance of low taxes.

DISCHARGED: Rep. John Binienda is out of the hospital after collapsing in the State House during the hectic final day of sessions.

AN EVOLUTION: In a tiff about misstated positions on his website, what congressional candidate Andrea Nuciforo called his opponents’ “desperate politics” just last week has quickly turned into Nuciforo taking "full responsibility for the oversight."

KENNEDY CANOODLING: Taylor Swift isn’t afraid of sharks or Kennedys and might be buying a house across the street from Ethel in Hyannisport. #TaylorSwiftKennedyIII-2068

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Pro-Romney group spends $10M on new ad campaign

Dem reps have kind words for Mitt Romney’s pick

Dems try to tie Romney to Ryan plan


U.S. Sen. Scott Brown talks Mitt Romney’s VP pick Paul Ryan

Massachusetts Parties Face off with Post–Paul Ryan Ads

Mass. Dems use Ryan pick to target GOP Sen. Brown

Scott Brown to lob one back at Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren’s “better roads” platform is paved with deception

Scott Brown to deliver address on tax policy

Boston voters and visitors are split on Paul Ryan as a VP choice (Photo: Robert Ray/AP)

Ryan resets the table

MassGOP Video: It’s your money, not hers

Voodoo redux

Keller @ Large: Democrats Portray Ryan As Liability For Romney


Dems’ double standard when it comes to ‘the law’

Last day to register for state primary vote is Friday

Keating wants hearing on Logan racial profiling charges

Ex-Speaker DiMasi Cites ‘Errors’ In Appeal

Will Cafeteria Junk Food Bans in Massachusetts Help Fight Childhood Obesity? – BostInno

In Massachusetts, Deval Patrick Targets Doctors’ Earnings – The Weekly Standard


All Seven Third Middlesex Candidates Expected at LWV Forum

Fourth Congressional District forum set for Tuesday in Easton

Nuciforo takes down website content after criticism

Dems’website details Tisei family business deals from ’80s, ’90s

Binienda out of hospital and feeling ‘great’

Pop star, Kennedys now neighbors?


NH – Kuster releases first television ad

NH – NH gov signing oyster license bill

NH – President Obama to return to NH this weekend

ME – Medical marijuana changes draws crowd in Maine

RI – RI dispensary could open in 6 months

VT – Vt. trial nears end in same-sex custody case

CT – Final Dash To The Primary Finish Line

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DiMasi appeal challenges judge’s instructions – Lantigua marriage mystery – District and challengers make life hard for Torrisi – Paul Ryan fallout

ACTUALLY INTERESTING RACES: The Eagle Tribune has primers on two interesting local races around the Merrimack valley: Rep. David Torrisi’s race against a young Democratic challenger in a changed district and what it’s like to campaign for the Governor’s Council, even when some candidates openly want to do away with it.

SPOUSAL PRIVILEGE: Haven’t heard from Lawrence Mayor Willie Lantigua recently? That might be because he was busy getting married to his long-time “paramour” who happens to also be a key witness in his on-going grand jury investigation.

MORE COURT: Sal DiMasi’s appeal documentation says the judge in his corruption trial gave faulty jury instructions and also challenges the definition of bribery for a “part-time citizen legislator” such as the Speaker of the House is commonly known.

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Party-crashing bus heading for Romney

Romney seeks distance from Ryan’s budget

Democrats use Mitt Romney’s vice presidential selection process in tax attacks

Congressman Paul Ryan seen as Mitt Romney’s bridge across GOP spectrum

Mitt Romney names Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate


Liz sets the stage for DNC

Brown’s ads mostly silent on senator’s affiliation

In Mass. Senate race, small donors could give edge

Elizabeth Warren: ‘Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are a demolition team that will wreck our economy’

Romney, Ryan rouse crowds (Photo:Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

Videos of Paul Ryan… what a great pick

Not even a RINO

Democrat Jim Miceli gives passionate plea to vote against "Soviet Style" health payment reform

Scott Brown: He’s For Us* (Some restrictions apply. Offer not available to welfare recipients.)

Tisei: Paul Ryan Is, Um, You Know…. "A Serious Politician"

Trouble in paradise?


Massachusetts Dems Say Ryan’s Budget Plans Will Hurt GOP –

SNAP POLL: Massachusetts Republicans Say Ryan Will Energize Campaign –

Gov. Deval Patrick says Ryan budget ‘would decimate education funding and end Medicare’

Governor’s Council gets mixed reviews

Sales tax holiday weekend wraps up

Mass. faces growing public pension burden


Area Republicans cheer Ryan

Republican Richard Tisei: ‘I don’t agree with (Paul Ryan) on every single issue’

Lynn pit bull law may be overturned

HITCHED?? Mayor says grand jury witness is now his wife

New district boundaries could make tight primary for Torrisi

Nangle a gracious host for Gail Huff


NH – VP speculation a boost for Ayotte

CT – Charla Nash And Lawyers Make Case At Capitol

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Beware: real issues in senate race – Obama and Romney hate all the attacks that are helping them – Evergreen CEO ’s mansion could sell for more than failed factory – Tisei responds to Dem’s attack website

HOUSING MARKET: Sometimes I can’t improve on a story’s original headline. Here’s Jon Chesto’s Former Evergreen Solar CEO’s Hingham mansion could sell for more than company’s Devens factory. It had to be Hingham, didn’t it?

MUDSLINGING: Obama and Romney bemoan attack ads, continue releasing attack ads.

CAN’T HAVE THAT: Holy cow, real issues in the senate race! Run for your lives, you may have to think.

THE SIXTH: After Democrats go to the mattresses and release a new website trashing Richard Tisei and his family, the former Senate minority leader and current congressional candidate calls the move “gutter politics.”

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Health care comment by Romney staffer ignites conservative blogs

Romney says Obama, allies perpetuating lies in ads

Romney, Obama bemoan attacks

Romney would do well to accentuate rival’s philosophy

President Obama’s campaign repeats call for more Mitt Romney tax returns, citing tax shelter used by Marriott when Romney was on board


Brown, Warren Offer Different Deficit-Reduction Approaches

Welfare flap underscores differing approaches in Scott Brown-Elizabeth Warren …

GOP chair demands to see Patrick, Warren e-mails in welfare vote flap

Welfare chief declares Warren ties ‘ridiculous’

Who’s a better leader: Scott Brown or Elizabeth Warren?

Deval Patrick, lame duck gov? (Photo: WWLP)

Why hasn’t Demos sued New York or other deeply blue states?

The Welfare Bogeyman rises again

A Tale of Two Senators: Brown and McCain

Brown’s (panic) attacks


Legislature Sends Prescription Drug Monitoring Bill to Governor

Massachusetts hopes sales tax holiday boosts retail sector – Reuters

Massachusetts ranks No. 2 in high tech job growth

Only Mass. sent out voter registrations after lawsuit


MassDems launch website targeting GOP’s Tisei

Richard Tisei trashes ‘gutter politics’

Cyber war rages in 6th District race

Gloves may come off at GOP Congress debate

U.S. Rep. Richard Neal of Massachusetts to have increased role in campaigning for President Barack Obama


CT – GOP Files Lawsuit Over Which Party Gets Top Line On Ballot

VT – Campaign finances under scrutiny

NH – Bass celebrates vet funeral law

NH – NH gov to Mass: It’s always sales-tax free here

ME – Union to LePage: Sign beach lease deal

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Romney response to cancer ad: Should have moved to insured MA – Everyone agrees Voting Rights lawsuit stinks, but for different reasons – Beacon Hill GOP gets an attaboy – Neal dodges debates

THE 98 PERCENT:Though the title of “most flagrant PAC ad” will most likely change hands several times before election day, the current champion has got to be the pro-Obama “Mitt Romney made my wife die of cancer” ad. The Romney campaign’s response? If she had lived in a state with universal healthcare, she’d be alive today and would probably tell us all how ObamaCare is socialist. (OK, not that last part.)

IT STINKS!: The Phoenix’s David Bernstein sniffs and sniffs and sniffs all around the stinky issue of this National Voting Rights Act lawsuit, the Patrick administration’s response of mailing voter registration information to welfare recipients and how it all fits into the senate race. Rep. Winslow wants to know where the press coverage of the initial lawsuit is. Unfortunately, MassterList had to layoff its expansive federal courthouse bureau during the ‘08 downturn and was unable to cover the suit.

THE INSIDERS: Prof. Cunningham gives credit where credit is due for legislative Republicans this session.

THE FIRST: Richard Neal’s Democratic opponents are calling horsefeathers on the incumbent’s acceptance of only two of six proposed debates.

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In search of veep clues at Mitt Romney’s HQ

Mitt Romney campaign says President Obama opposed work requirement in 1996 welfare reform law

Mitt Romney campaign protests ad by allies of President Obama that focuses on woman’s death


Elizabeth Warren’s daughter chairs group that filed welfare vote suit

Elizabeth Warren: Nothing fishy about my kid’s role in EBT campaign

Brown: Welfare voter enrollment effort aids Warren

Elizabeth Warren takes aim at Republican-supported oil subsidies, talks of student loan debt in new TV ad

Gonsalves: Thank you, Sen. Brown

Massachusetts construction unions throw support behind Elizabeth Warren’s ‘Rebuild Now’ infrastructure investment plan (Photo: Robert Rizzuto/The Republican)

Mitt2012: there’s an app for that

Deval Rigs Vote For… GOP?

Mailing out voter registration cards


Elizabeth Warren needs to sever her ties to convicted inside traders


Governor’s Council hopefuls square off

Patrick announces "Innovation" school funding

Members of Massachusetts Gaming Commission leave Springfield with … –


Rep. Richard Neal’s refusal to participate in 4 of 6 proposed debates draws ire of challengers

Sun exclusive

New state law could maul Lowell’s pit-bull ordinance


RI – RI commission to look at voting changes

ME – Lobster dispute nears boiling point

CT – Back From Prison, Ernie Newton Is Running For His Former Senate Seat

NH – Lynch nominates municipal lawyer as consumer advocate

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Warren backs off on Brown tax demands – Voter reg. activist-backed suit leads to registration letter to welfare recipients – Gaming Commission accepting casino applications

ALL THE HIP CANDIDATES ARE DOING IT: Release more of your tax returns, Scott Brown! Oh, he’s already released 40 percent more tax returns than his Democratic opponent? I’m sorry, I thought demanding tax returns was just something you do this election cycle.

SNAIL MAIL: In response to a lawsuit saying Massachusetts wasn’t complying with the 1993 National Voter Registration Act, the Commonwealth mailed registration information to welfare recipients. Did I mention that the lawsuit was brought by former ACORN leaders and that it’s an election year?

IT BEGINS: The Gaming Commission is now accepting applications for casino projects.

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Romney: End dependency culture

Mitt Romney’s criticism of Obama’s emphasis on green jobs carries risks

Media perpetuate Romney gaffe myth


Campaign: Warren misspoke on tax return demand

Sen. Scott Brown highlights military service in new radio ad

With videos, a petition and a game, Sen. Scott Brown and Elizabeth Warren engaged in digital battle for votes (Associated Press file photos)

Weekly Scott Brown-d Up, Week of 8/3/12

Amateur hour continues at the Warren Campaign

Governor Vetoes Improvements to Estimated Tax Payments

Why would Boston want to host the Olympics?

The Cheesecake Factory solution for health care?

Mitt Romney raises $101.3 million in July, beating President Obama for third straight month

Elephant in the room

Warren’s daughter funds plan to force state to mail welfare recipients voter registration forms

MassGOP in good shape to help legislative candidates


Patrick signs jobs bill, vetoes tax credits

Massachusetts sales tax holiday approved by Gov. Deval Patrick

Welfare voter push has GOP crying foul

Group fueling registration doesn’t fall far from ACORN

Speaker DeLeo’s conflicting comments

Mihos In Court For Alleged Assault On Wife

Gambling board ready for applicants –

Coakley asks agency to impose nearly $10M in fines against NStar

Patrick signs Massachusetts storm response bill into law – The Salem News

Gov. Deval Patrick signs ‘Right to Repair’ compromise into law

Law gives new rights to temp. workers

Kerry, Brown appeal anew for disaster aid for fisheries


Tierney, Tisei look forward to fall debates

Tisei Speaks Out About Attacks on Family Legal Past

Congressional candidate Richard Tisei releases first television …

Gov. Patrick appoints Lawrence attorney

Calter Calls Legislative Session Successful

Nuciforo and Shein fault Neal

Molly’s Bill sent to task force

State law trumps Worcester pit bull regs


VT – Vt. to celebrate recovery on Irene anniversary

CT – Capitol Aide, Who Gave Info To Donovan Campaign, Takes Heavy Comp-Time And Vacation

CT – Donovan Battles Esty Surge, Roberti Cash

RI – Deadline to register for RI primary looms

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Fate of the Senate could be determined by big-spending Brown/Warren race – Big L Libertarian jumps in against Tierney and Tisei – Conservative radio shakeup

OFF TO THE RACES: In case you haven’t been paying any attention at all (and who would blame you?) ABC News delivers a nice little primer for the Brown vs. Warren race with an emphasis on something we tend to forget around here: the results could determine the majority of the U.S. Senate next session. (Bonus points to ABC’s Elizabeth Hartfield if she meant that headline to be an allusion to Clue.)

TOTALLY DIFFERENT: I was hoping for a 24-hour buffet of Geddy, Neil and Alex’s prog rock hits. This will not do at all.

THIRD RAIL: A Libertarian gets in the race for John Tierney’s seat, possibly hurting Republican challenger Richard Tisei’s chances.

TANGENTIAL: “When you bring a Jon Hamm into a situation, things just happen.” Do you ever get the feeling Hamm just wants to be a part of the comedy boys club? (Hey, it’s August and Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis have a movie about politics, so this is totally relevant.)

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2012 Election: Romney beats Obama in fundraising for third month

Omission may be an admission for Kelly Ayotte –

In the cart? Maybe a hint about Romney’s pick –


Massachusetts Senate Race Pits the Colonel vs. the Professor

Patrick signs health care cost measure Bill builds on law passed when GOP … (Photo: Dina Rudick/Boston Globe)

Creating Economic Opportunities for All Massachusetts Residents

Rush is back

High Profile Massachusetts Dems Disparage Warren Campaign

MA has two Lizzy problems

MA getting it done AGAIN

Jones-Patrick Health Cost Control Law leads to downgrade of hospitals debt ranking


Gov. Patrick signs temporary worker bill

Patrick signs health care cost measure Bill builds on law passed when GOP …

State nursing shortage worsened in 2011, reports says –

Boston fed chief: Stimulate U.S. –

Whitey Bulger defense: Lies, lies & lies! –


Taunton mom played key role in getting children’s hearing aid bill signed by …

Experts: Libertarian’s run likely a boon for Tierney

In Westfield, Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren says downtown construction …

National Grid denies storm-response errors


ME – Maine labor board rejects union’s complaint

CT – Obama Comes To Connecticut For Two Big-Ticket Fundraisers

NH – Romney shopping trip exposed

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Whitey wants to testify – Mitt outraises Obama again – Second-guessing VP pick before it happens – Warren in W. Mass. – Puppy photos!

BREAKING: Whitey Bulger wants to testify at his own trial.

MITT’S MILLIONS: Mitt Romney has out-fund raised President Obama for the last three months, raking in $101.3 million in July alone.

BLATHER: WRKO is planning some kind of earth-shattering announcement about which indistinguishable screamer gets to scream in which timeslot. Rumors abound!

TWO WORDS- BEAU BIDEN: Romney pre-VP-pick hysteria will probably be the most interesting thing about whoever he ends up picking. Kimberly Atkins recommends that Mitt go with someone to shake things up.

PUPPIES!: You look like you could use some adorable doggy-bath photos to cheer you up.

SENATE: Elizabeth Warren is touring Western Mass. and the Republican is on it. And on the trail full time for her opponent is Mrs. Scott Brown herself, Gail Huff.

TALK OF THE TOWN: If you like drinking and arguing about film tax credits or whatever, you should stop by MassINC’s little soiree.